365 Day Essential Chinese (Levels I, II and III)

The goal of this CD-Rom is to learn the essential of Chinese conversation skill in 365 days. You can organize your lessons according to the calendar (1st day, 2d say etc.) or the situation (airport, restaurant, hotel, tourism etc.). Les exercises cover more than 1000 sentences. The new version includes Pinyin coding, 5 different pronunciations (Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, those of Shanghai and Sichuan). The level II is related to the verb usage (365 verbs and 4000 derivative expressions). The level III is dedicated to Chinese proverbs.

Now, the level I of "365 Day Essential Chinese" is out of stocks but Level II and III CD-Roms are still available. We discount those 2 Chinese CD-Roms together to 80 US$ instead of 90 US$ including free worldwide shipment. If you are interested in purchasing them, please click on the button below*.

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